Creative Direction & Consultancy for


[KSSP23] Kate Spade Spring 2023







Social, film, Photography




Michael Ian Kay


Steven Brinnlee

Graphic Designer

Ashley Casper

Art Director

Lili Lopez, Bella Ivos

Photographer / Director

The Bardos

Social Director

Marcel Wepper


Aaron Bakalar


Theo Lesourd

Post Production

Modern Post




Cyndle K

Set Design

Flor Hart


Coco Gordon Moore, Jordan Seamon, The Kim Twins, Noori Hassan

As creative partners in collaboration with Kate Spade, we were tasked with the question: how can the brand’s unconventional spirit be emboldened with modern relevance, and solidify its long-standing positioning of curiosity and joy?

Spring 2023 was a pivotal moment for Kate Spade to reconnect with curiosity and optimism—the mindset that defined the brand from the very beginning. With the new season came the opportunity to inspire both younger and new consumers with the personality and character that has always resonated with the brand’s most loyal customers—bringing them together in unexpected moments of provocative storytelling.

Partnering with Kate Spade, we set out to create a long-term strategic creative platform that could increase awareness and guide creative communications introducing, and re-introducing what the brand stands for—joy and surprise—seen through current relevant cultural points of interest.

For Spring, a collection of content was designed to create a diverse universe with a uniquely Kate Spade personality revealing the season’s products as supporting characters in scenes lensed through the idea of “It All Started With”. A book of astrology, a pair of binoculars, a runaway bag — content was crafted by partnering with Paris based filmmakers, The Bardos, who infused their distinctive style of story telling that fit seamlessly with the point of view deeply held by Kate Spade and the SYLVAIN creative approach.

We approached content creation by flipping the traditional campaign pyramid.

Rather than make one piece of hero content then cutting it down, we developed a large body of smaller non-linear film assets that act as prompts for unexpected stories and lived in diverse placements, all to act as unique invitations to adventure.

From digital, to billboards, to social, we met our audience where they were with our framework of “It All Started With” setting up a year-long series of content.

A note-worthy cast helped create buzz, and connect Kate Spade back to culture.